Paintball Sign

I found this sign at a paintball field.

There are three errors. Can you find them. The answers are in the comments below. 

Lost Consonants III

Once again, I present Lost Consonants, a word game, where a consonant is omitted from a sentence to give it humor. In the sentences below, see if you can figure out which letter is omitted. The answers are in the comments below.

1.    The devil sometimes goes by the name of Deon. 
2.    To a raven, three's a crow. 
3.    The bartender's advice was just gin and bear it. 
4.    The Russian athletes sought political asylum after crossing the finish line. 
5.    The monk confined himself to read and utter in a cell.
6.    Fork and Knife agreed to meet soon. 
7.    The judge considered Houdini fit to be tied at court. 
8.    Zorro was very cunning with his wordplay. 
9.    You're a sigh for sore eyes! 
10. The passengers refused to leave the airport without a fight.
11. The ogre had to pay a toll to cross the bridge. 
12. When the breeding season ended, the herons parted ways without any egrets. 
13. The best man took a joyful ride in the limousine. 
14. Being an adolescent suits her to a tee. 
15. The preacher accused vampires of being immoral. 
16. The firefighter was suspended for hosing around the station.
17. That chef stole my recipes! He's nothing but a cook!
18. The curious knight took a lance around the jousting competition.
19. Ice to meet you, greeted the eskimo.
20. Okey dokey, said the mule to the burro.
21. At the aquarium, I accidentally fell head over eels!
22. The crabby vigilante took the law into his own hands.
23. The boarish actor wanted to steal the sow. 

Spoonerisms III

I have so much fun with spoonerisms that I thought I would share some more of my creations with you. But unlike movies, I think the sequel is even better! In case, you don’t know what a spoonerism is, a spoonerism is an accidental or intentional play on words. It occurs when the beginning sounds of words are switched with each other to create new words with a humorous effect.

a. Stan declines clandestines.
b. Lame Duck, Dame Luck
c. Boxing Day, docks in bay
d. Lies spike spies like us!
e. Bare feet stepping to a fair beat
f. Wave the sails, save the whales!
g. A loon might, in the moonlight!
h. Why hire high-wire act? asked the circus manager.

Now see if you can find the spoonerisms in these sentences.

1. The anti-social chef disliked the light knife.
2. There's nothing a little sore fight can't avoid, is there?
3. At the playground, the girl stuck her bare feet into the banned socks.
4. Human relations: Vex & Silence
5. Where there's folk, there's mire.

The answers are in the comments: 

What's in a Name? (3)

Sometimes, names can hide special meanings. The names below could be realistic Anglo-Saxon names. These names hide real words, which are defined by the rest of the sentence. See if you can figure out the real word.

1. Allie Bye has a good excuse for not being there.
2. Cindy Kate has formed a group to promote her cause.
3. Dennis Zen lives here.
4. Hillary Yes is extremely funny. 
5. Holly Daze enjoys having the day off work to celebrate the festivities. 
6. Hugh Morris tells funny jokes
7. Izzy Lee is capable of doing things without a problem.
8. Perry Less puts himself into dangerous situations
9. Ray Morse regrets some things he's done and said. 
10. Rick O'Shea gets you on the rebound.
11. Manny Quinn stands perfectly still without even blinking.
12. Ms. Elena Yes doesn't fit inside a specific category
13. Mr. Ease always keeps us in suspense.
14. Yvonne Doe can be very contrary!